Luxury Brand Comeback: LOEWE


Spanish and pronounced “Loh-Ev-Eh”

Loewe is a luxury leather house from Spain. Loewe is known for classically cut style and impeccably made leather goods. Loewe was strongly liked by the Spanish Royal family and founded in 1846. It is one of the oldest luxury houses today, yet so many people ask me what is LOEWE? With only 357k Instagram followers in comparison to Louis Vuitton’s 12 million, who is Loewe? All of a sudden you are seeing their products at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. The styles are fun animal shaped coin purses and geometric bags with a fashion twist Loewe has not seen before. How have they just become the new it brand again after being around so long? The answer is Jonathon Anderson. A young and innovative London designer who was named creative director and has helped create the re-brand LVMH was looking for.  Currently, Loewe strives to become one of the top three leading fashion houses. To achieve their goal, they have created “Casa Loewe”, a store with multiple levels and modernistic touches to show their past, present, and future. The logo they use is the amazona show below on one of their classic purses. You can expect to see the brand become more prevalent again due to their new style and marketing campaigns.DSC_0708

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