8 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

I am happy bring you this post in collaboration with Ilymix.com and offer my followers 20%off on all of their awesome blanket scarves with code: Claire20 🙂 Blanket scarves are self explanatory. They are literally blankets that are acceptable to wear in public and the bonus is blanket scarves are cute. For winter, blanket scarves are great to throw over any lavish outfit to a casual tshirt and jeans look. On days that I don’t have time to wear make-up and have to put my hair in a bun, blanket scarves bring my outfit from bland to adorned. I choose to show this scarf with a basic black tee, black moto jacket and black skinny jeans. This let the scarf be the main focus. If you need a detailed post about how to wrap one of the following styles, comment below. Love, Claire.

  1. Standard- Wrap the scarf once around your neck and leave the triangular angle in the front with both ends also hanging in front
    2. Waterfall- Double wrap the scarf and pull one end through



3. Shawl- This is the blanket scarf just folded in half and thrown over your shoulders, this style looks amazing with a belt added around the center. The belt also keeps the shawl from moving when you are wearing it. 

4. Knotted Shawl- Wrap the scarf around your shoulders and knot it in the front

5. Long Scarf- Roll up the scarf and throw it around your neck and let both ends hang in front
6. Knotted- Double wrap the scarf around your neck and knot it in front
7. Updated Babushka- If you need to protect your hair or face, this style helps do that and it keeps your ears warm. 

8. Thrown over Shoulder- Keep the scarf full and throw each end over your shoulder in opposite directions

Bag: Balenciaga Shoes: Stuart Weitzman 

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