Seeing an Iconic Musician in an Iconic Designer

I finally got to see the legendary Bob Dylan perform and in an amazing outfit 🙂 Between the Fox Theatre, Bob, cocktails at Cliffs Bells and my Proenza Schouler  top, how could it not be an amazing night?! For starters, the Fox theatre is a masterpiece. It is in Detroit and most people wouldn’t guess that’s where it is from! Detroit is a hidden gem, I swear.  I have been to theatres all over a couple continents and it rivals pretty much all of them due to its ornate designs. Speaking of design, leave it to Proenza Schouler to make you completely re-think what a T-shirt should be. The back was just statement enough because it had a zipper with her name on it. It was the thickest, most high quality fabric shirt I have ever worn. The rose sealed the deal for me as it is my favorite flower and always will be. Somehow the splatter paint wasn’t too much either. I’m in Michigan so it was cold last night and I wanted the shirt to be the statement piece; that is why I added skinny jeans and black knee high boots only. The red bag pulled in the red on the shirt and it was Loewe. I wore a classic black trench over it all. We started the night with a “The Last Word” cocktail from Cliffs Bells and ended it with a pizza from Hockeytown cafe. Don’t think twice about doing a double take on this shirt, It’s alright;)  Love, Claire

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