How to Wear: A Rhinestone Bra?!?

As the weather gets colder, it gets harder to wear a short skirt or dress every time you go out. This is the perfect outfit to dance in all night and walk around downtown without freezing. It can be recreated with any embellished bra or crop top. It can also be recreated to show more or less depending on what you feel comfortable with or based on the occasion. I choose to wear all black, so that the rhinestone bra really stuck out. I brought in the silver from the rhinestones by using a YSL bag that had silver hardware. The shirt is Flying Tomato, but Halston also makes a shirt just like this in other colors. The shirt and pants are a little loose  to counteract the midriff showing and keep the look from being too much. Lastly, the necklace is a vintage crystal necklace. This style looks great with a long wool black coat. Love, Claire.

*bra is from Lover’s Lane, but there are tons on etsy too*

sequin img_1797 img_1802 img_1800 img_1804 img_1806 img_1803

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