How to Wear Cheetah Fur During the Day

The question is: can you wear cheetah fur during the day without looking like a lady of the night? The answer is: yes. If you follow some guidelines. The first being to just wear a cheetah accessory instead of wearing a full piece of cheetah print clothing. Below, I have the look showcased with just a cheetah fur belt. I also have a hat/scarf cheetah print wrap with the outfit. Accessories typically aren’t over powering like a jacket can be and this will help you decide if you want to wear full cheetah print fur jacket. If you have the jacket or you need some inspiration to buy one, here it is! Now, follow my tips to wear you jacket for several seasons and throughout the day.

  1. Have the rest of your outfit be extremely plain. I choose a black turtleneck and jeans with a pair of plain Salvatore Ferragamo flats.
  2. Try pairing the item with jeans because of their casual aora.
  3. Wear flats during the day and switch into heels for night.
  4. Use a bigger tote because a smaller bag can make the outfit seem like an evening outfit.
  5.  Try to have the piece be cropped instead of full length. It is harder to make a full length furry jacket look relaxed.

Jacket: (obviously faux as cheetah fur is illegal) F21, Bag: Gucci, Jeans: Pacsun, Glasses: YSL, Flats: Ferragamo

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