Classic Black and Nude Style

Hello! I am leaving for a mini road trip to New York tonight. I am excited to see upstate NY in the Fall. It should be beautiful and I get to visit my brother! I needed to wear something casual and classic. I based my outfit around the Chanel heels. Nothing says classy and refined like Chanel. The whole outfit is nude and black like the shoes:) I didn’t want the outfit to be too boring, so the sweater has a vintage Belgian lace top and small lace collar. This added dimension to the look as compared to having all of the same fabric.  I chose to use a big Gucci bag because it added some character and held a lot of my stuff. I love this outfit for a go-to style and especially in the Fall. Love, Claire.

Shoes: Chanel, Bag: Gucci, Top: Vintage, Pants: Lauren Conrad, Sunglasses: Chanel

img_1760 img_1769 img_1762 img_1763 img_1776 img_1768 img_1767 img_1757


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