College Tips and Graduating Early

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to share that last weekend I graduated a year early with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Business Management.  This means I am sharing my top tips for college and why you should graduate early as well!!

What I Wore:

My dress was from Guess. I chose nude shoes to not take away from the green lace dress and I picked Betsey Johnson ones because they have light blue bottoms:p I am not 21, so I had to go to Canada to celebrate. I wore a grey Cynthia Rowley long sweater over the dress when I was walking around at night.

My Tips for College in General: 

-Choose a school you will go into the least debt for unless you are accepted into an Ivy League or your parents are paying for you. The sad truth is no matter what somebody tells you, all state schools are just state schools. I chose to finish my degree at EMU after attending a private college in Chicago because I will be coming out virtually debt free due to my scholarships. This leaves me with the opportunity: to travel, buy a car, pay to go back to grad school (or become a graduate assistant to go for free again ;p), to do whatever I want unlike most of my friends who are  anywhere from $15000-$100,000 in debt to start their lives.

-Network with everyone! Meet with your fellow classmates and professors. They end up giving you recommendations letters and help you get job opportunities. They also end up being the people who help you get through classes and projects.

-Take breaks when you need them. Whether this is for studying or saving to take a mini road trip; do not let yourself get run down because it will be too hard to catch up and you will constantly feel like you are dragging yourself through life.

-Don’t buy books unless you have to! Split a book with a friend in the same class, pay to borrow the book when needed, rent the book, but do not buy them for undergrad. They are a waste of money 95% of the time.

-Stay active! One of my biggest accomplishments as a college student is that I did not gain the dreaded freshman 15. On campus you typically have access to a gym and you should use it, even if it is just once a week. Other than that you can join intramural sports, join a college sports team, or take regulars jogs through campus. There are endless options to be active. The same thing about not letting yourself get run down applies to your fitness life as well. It is easier to maintain than to lose.

Reasons to Graduate Early:

-Saves Money! By taking 19 credit hours a semester I was able to have my scholarship pay for all of it and not have to pay for a 4th year of school. If you love on campus, it saves you a year of rent!

-Let’s you begin you life early. Whether you want to travel, go to grad school, start a family, etc; graduating early let’s you start your life earlier and when you are young and ready for life! Partying in Europe will always be better than partying at Michigan State or whatever party school is in your neighborhood.

-Shorten a long journey. 4 years is a long time! I have an entire year of life not studying or turning in projects and stressing compared to my friends and other people my age. What could be better than turning 21 soon and not having to stress about school??

-Personal Development- As I stated earlier, you have a year extra time to network, travel, interview, and more compared to other’s that you will be competing against in the job market. This adds to your resume and your overall achievements.

On some final notes, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me accomplish this goal of mine. My fiance bought me omelettes at midnight almost every single night of finals week. He drove me to class whenever I was to tired from studying to drive myself and has pushed me to follow through with 19 credits each semester.  My Mom and Grandma have both helped me whenever I needed them and even when I thought I didn’t. I have had the opportunity to hold down 2 jobs throughout school to help pay for anything I needed that my scholarship didn’t cover. My mom helped me in all of my business law classes because she is an Attorney, so that was lucky. On top of this all, my Aunt and In-laws helped me have the best celebration the day of my graduation. Thank you:)


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