Winter Concert Attire

Hello! Today, I am featuring an outfit that I wore to a concert this winter. This style could even be worn for NYE if you have more casual plans or will be walking around in the cold. I wore my hair straight because it curls less in the winter due to less humidity:) The only accessories I added were a thing double chain gold necklace with small gemstones on it, since the neckline was low. I also wore a Henri Bendel wristlet which is super versatile because the wrist part detaches to become a bracelet! I wore a pair of straight leg jeans with an embroidered bodysuit from Wet Seal. Over the body suit, I wore an embroidered kimono. The double embroidery brought the outfit alive and wasn’t too much because the kimono embroidery was on the back. I ended the outfit with a vintage blonde fur coat and Tory Burch booties. Love, Claire. Comment below and follow my instagram @claire_wear.















The Graffiti is in an alley by St.Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI.


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