Monet & Church in a Delfi Skirt!!!!!

This weekend I went to the Claude Monet and Frederic Church exhibit at the DIA. The exhibit was awesome and had a lot of pieces. It is basically two exhibits for the price of one. At the end it showed Frederic Church’s estate that he designed in Hudson, NY and we want to visit it soon. The exhibit also featured some art history at the beginning; if you scroll down you will see a picture of the pigs bladders that painters used to use to hold paint. I wore a Delfi skirt and paired it with more casual accessories to walk around in. The skirt’s side panels were holographic! The top is H&M and also had a shimmer to it that matched the holographic sheen of the skirt. The loafers were Loeffler Randall and the hat is Grace Eleyae, a designer who lines her caps with satin!! The satin helps keep your hair healthy by not causing breakage, so definitely check her out. Love, Claire.

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