The Experience Gift Guide

Have you ever thought about what the best gift you have been given is? For most people, they don’t think of a physical object. So, why is it that we tend to only want to buy things for presents? I am here to tell you that can end and it starts with you! The finest gift you can give someone this year is an experience! My husband says his favorite gift from me was a Hot Air Balloon Ride. The other great thing about these gifts is you can wait to buy them online in certificate form and you won’t have to wait in line at some store! I picked my top ten favorite experience gifts and linked them for you 🙂 Just click the underlined words to go their page. Also, keep in mind that depending on where you live, you will have different ones available. For example, whale/dolphin watching isn’t available in Michigan. If you know someone is going to Cali soon, this would be a great gift for them. Enjoy! Love, Claire.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Drive a Ferrari

Scuba Diving Lessons

Learn to Fly a Helicopter

Sky Diving Lesson

City Food Tour

Glass Blowing Class  

Wine Tour

Whale Watching Cruise

If you don’t want to spend over $50, an Airbnb Gift Card  is perfect for an adventurous person as well:)

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