10 Gifts for Her Under $55

Hi everyone!! Only 24 days left until Christmas! I made a mini gift guide for the ladies in your life with stuff anyone would like. It is all under $55 as well!!! All of the photos are linked to where you can buy the item, so just click the picture if you want to buy it! I am not affiliated with any of these brands and will not make money off of you clicking the items. Happy holidays. Love, Claire!

  1. This company takes pictures of pets and makes them into socks! Who doesn’t want their puppy on their socks?

2) Henri Bendel packable backpack- This is perfect for someone who is constantly on the go and is a top designer right now!

3) Kate Spade Jewelry Box

4) If you can’t afford Tiffany jewelry, this is the next best thing; especially, if she loves tea or coffee:)

5) A beautifully scented perfume and candle with matching matches and a sleeping mask. It is perfect for your napping girlfriend who is a romantic.

6) A unique and colorful brush set for your girl who loves makeup!

7) MAC makeup set. This has the best samples of their holiday collection for people who love the brand or who haven’t tried it yet.


8) A cool vase for the future flowers you will get her! It is only $12!!!




9) Eternity Flower: This flower lasts FOR ONE YEAR!!! Usually, they only sell full bouquets for hundreds; but, you can get one for $39 while they last.

10) Vineyard vines hat

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