Goals for 2018

2017 was one of the best years of my life. I graduated with my bachelors degree, celebrated my 21st birthday, went to Niagara Falls twice, went to Europe with my friend Anne, married my best friend, my brother got married to an amazing girl, went to Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia, accepted an offer to my dream job, got two kittens, cut my hair and dyed it dark, and to top it all off, we are celebrating NYE at a cool party in Chicago! I was able to cross a couple things off my bucket list in 2017! Though it will be hard to top this year, I always set goals to help make my year special! For 2018. I would like to:

-Go to three new countries

-Write a short book and publish it

-Gain one major client at work

-Visit my cousin in Alaska

-Continue to work out 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes

-Read 20 minutes a day at least

-Go unplugged on our Valentine’s Day trip

-Visit one new place in my home state of MI

-Drink green tea everyday

-Give myself an online time frame of two hours a day

-Only rent or thrift shop for my clothes as the environment will thank me

-Journal everyday for 10 minutes

-Make breakfast every morning

-Stop drinking starbucks drinks because they have so much sugar in them

-Put at least $100 a month away

-My Most Memorable Moments from 2017-

  1. Getting off the train in Milan and walking straight out to see the Duomo Cathedral in all it’s glory. I’ll remember it forever.
  2. Seeing Dita Von Teese and Bob Dylan live!
  3. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef live and realizing how bad pollution is.
  4.  Holding a Koala in Australia! I never thought they would feel as soft as they do.
  5. Seeing FIELDS of Wallaby in Australia.
  6. All of the sheep in New Zealand.
  7. Saw Georgia O’Keefe exhibits in Milwaukee and Sydney!

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