Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

Hello everyone!!! Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is pretty much on every travel fanatics wish list, so I obviously have been waiting to do this for a while. It was my husband’s first time and this was the perfect spot for him to see what snorkeling really is. We left from Port Douglas which is a gorgeous harbour town near Cairns, Australia. The water where the reef is, is the most pure turquoise color. It was cute, because the ship had a post office and you could send post cards right from the reef! The size of the reef is hard to put into words. When you are there, it feels like the reef never ends. We got to see giant clams, neon colored fish, and all types of coral.  Below, you will see that I did not edit any of these photos and the sad truth of the coral bleaching is visible. It was grim to see such a live and beautiful thing slowly dying in big chunks. There are ways to prevent more bleaching and to keep other reefs around the world healthier, as they are living things. No matter how far one lives from the reef, one could be surprised that they have an effect on the world’s reef systems including the Great Barrier.  The best steps to take are: conserving water, stop polluting, use safe chemicals around your home, snorkel and dive responsibly, volunteer for clean up, and share your knowledge about the reef with others! These steps are easier than you think! When throwing away trash, dispose of medicines, batteries, and chemicals properly! Google how to get rid of those items safely; they can kill reefs and the animals that live there because run off water is distributed throughout many different oceans. Even using your car less can help because fossil fuel leads to coral bleaching. When I was in California, they had a big dive volunteer event in the Pacific ocean to clean up trash which is an easy way to give back if you have time to volunteer and live near big bodies of water! When you are snorkeling, it is very important you do not touch anything and leave as if you weren’t there!! The products you wear while snorkeling have an effect on the reefs as well. Certain sunscreens, lotions, bug repellent and other topical medicines have been shown to damage the animals and the reef. Please wear organic products and research them before wearing them in a habitat with living things. Lastly, do as I have done and be sure to speak with people about what they can do to help save the reefs of the world!!! Helping nature is fashionable;) Love, Claire.

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