How To: Dress for an Opera/Play/Ballet

One of the main questions my friends ask me when we go somewhere is “what should I wear?” This is especially true for opera shows. Sadly, the answer is never the same; but, I can give you the guide I use to decide what to wear. I will also give a short review of the Marchesa dress I was wearing and show you my favorite dress options to wear to shows below the article:) If you have any questions, leave a comment or dm me @claire_wear on instagram!

Venue: The number one thing to think about is the style of the venue. Is it fancy? Cozy? Small? Big? Expensive? A high school? Outdoors? You would never want to wear a full length gown to an outdoor play or opera unless it was extremely luxe. I take my first ques on the style of the place. Below, is what I wore to the Nutcracker Ballet. It almost fits in with the style of the Fox theatre!

Time of Day: Next, you want to think about the time of day. If it is an adult evening show, you won’t want to wear jeans and a collared shirt. Night time will always be more for cocktail attire. If you will be out all day then going to a show, you can easily wear layers to look appropriate all day.

Time of Year: In Michigan, this a big one! If it is negative degrees outside, a mini dress won’t be ideal. I love tights with heels or over-the-knee boots in the winter. If it is very fancy and you have a car to drop you off at the door and pick you up, you can adjust your style for that as well and wear heels in the cold.

Style of Show: Lastly, I always think about the show I am seeing. Is it a casual comedy or a dramatic famous play? For a casual show in the day, you can dress in nice jeans without any issue. For a famous play in the evening, I typically wear cocktail attire.

My go-to piece for something when I am not positive on dress code is a black jumpsuit! They are great for any age of person or body shape and they can easily be dressed up to black tie level or dressed down to casual.

My Marchesa dress is not for sale anymore sadly. The two options below are also Marches and linked for you to see price. They would be great options for cocktail attire shows.

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