10 Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2017

The first week of January is an amazing week to reflect on the previous year and decide what you want to fix. In 2017, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree, get married, and visit a continent I haven’t been to yet! This year I have already started to eat healthier by meal prepping and eating more fruits during the day. I’ve also planned out more time during the week to relax, so I do not stress myself out with school and work. Lastly, my fiance and I have started to pray daily and workout daily to stay spiritually and physically healthy. We have started with the goal of a quick 10 minute workout every day, so that we can attain the goal with ease this year. All of these are great, but what about fashion resolutions?? My style resolutions will not only save you money, but also amplify your daily outfits! Check it out beauties!

  1. Stop buying fast fashion items- Forever 21 and other fast fashion stores clothing does not hold up due to the lack of construction, is made of cheap materials, and eventually ends up in a landfill. Save up the money you would have spent at F21 and buy a basic piece you will have for years.
  2. Do not spend money on clothing items at all every other month- This is hard when you are a fashion lover, but it must be done for the sake of your bank account. Not spending money all year on clothing is not a reasonable goal for me. Instead, I am going to spend zero on clothing every other month and when I do make purchases, I will thoroughly spend the time to decide if I need the item and if it  is worth the money.
  3. Clean out your closet- Spend the time to get rid of items that you never wore in 2016. It is a waste of space. Donate the clothes or re-purpose them!
  4. Get staple items tailored!!- If you want your pieces to last forever and fit right, then you must invest the money to have them tailored. No pant hems should be “walked off” because it ruins the garment and it ruins your overall style.
  5. Stop buying trendy items- If you like a current trend, its fine to buy an item, but don’t buy something just because it is “in” right now. It is better to invent your own personal look and stick with it.
  6. Dress up every day- You have a closet full of clothes, but wear the same jeans and shirt every day?? Umm no, just stop that. Plan your outfits the night before and utilize every thing in your wardrobe.
  7. Listen to Coco Chanel and simplify your style- “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” 
  8. Buy items based on fit, not the size- This is redundant for most style gurus, but it is the most important! If you are usually a small, remember to still try pieces in a size up and down to find the best fit. Don’t try to fit into a size because that it what your goal weight is. Being confident comes from well-fitting clothes that show off your body as it is:)
  9. When shopping, try items on- See above
  10. Lastly, buy versatile pieces- Buying items that have multiple purposes is the best way to get the most out of an item. The Fendi coat I have on below is reversible, so it can be worn with almost anything! Another great coat I have is a khaki Anne Fontaine coat that unzips at the bottom to become a crop jacket for spring. The items can be worn multiple seasons and with multiple outfits, which means you end up spending pennies per wear. Love, Claire.


This vintage Fendi coat is for sale at: https://poshmark.com/listing/Vintage-Fendi-Reversible-Coat-Size-6-5861e794bcd4a78d3f02b6d0 .

Coat: Fendi, Bag: YSL, Golden Dog: Pier 1, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Pants and Top: Black Basics

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