Nights in Cali w/ The Best Honeymoon Dress

?? Hello from Santa Monica! Something I do to make the most out of trips is stay a couple days in the city I have a layover in. We are leaving for Australia from LAX, so we’ve stayed in Santa Monica the last couple days! It was the most perfect weather we could have asked for! The dress I started in is the ULTIMATE honeymoon dress. It was a white cami dress with tulle at the bottom! I bought it at a boutique called Frida in Detroit. It could easily be made by adding some tulle to your own cami dress if you are good at sewing. When it got colder at night, I threw a pale blue H&M sweater over it. I wore Manolo Blahnik nude flip flops with it. The second day I wore a basic “Cali” crop top with leggings and converse sneakers. We are really excited to start our honeymoon after this 15 hour flight we will board soon. Getting to chill at the beach a couple days has us ready for the adventures we have planned the next 3 weeks! Hang loose. -Claire


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