Amp Up Your Sweater Dress

Nothing is worse than it being cold outside and having to wear a lumpy boring sweater. One of the biggest Autumn/Winter trends is layering under dresses. Most people are layering turtle necks, but an even cuter way is to layer another trend this season (the off the shoulder top) under your dress. I choose a sweater dress because it is warm and can be dressed up or down easily by switching accessories or shoes. I wore this outfit to church, shopping, and then downtown all night. It was comfy, warm, and matched my new Gucci swing purse! Grey tights matched the color scheme of the dress better than black ones and tights add extra warmth for cold days.  I threw a floor duster jacket from H&M over the outfit during the day if I was cold and when I was outside, I paired a Michael Kors Coat over it. The length of the H&M jacket was longer than the Michael Kors jacket which added a geometric element to the outfit with different lengths. I wore dangly Vince Camuto earrings and choker necklaces to use up space on my decolletage due to the off the shoulder top and my hair being in an up-do. This outfit can pair perfectly with flats, heels, or boots which is also a plus! Love, Claire.

Dress: Like, Love, Tights: H&M, Necklaces: D&G, Vintage, Coats: H&M, MK, Purse: Gucci, Heels: Franco Sarto












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