4 Ways to Wear a Sweatshirt and Look Chic

Hello beautiful readers! It is winter and we all want to run around in sweatshirts and stay warm, but there is no need to look like a sloppy mess of mixed workout attire. Below, I have 4 separate looks to help you look chic in a sweatshirt! Start scrolling:) Love, Claire

1.Wear a plain over-sized sweatshirt with a scarf. Let the sweatshirt hang of one of your shoulders for a more trendy look. I wore this with a denim stretch skirt and ballet flats, but it would look great with dark jeans also.

2. The next chic sweatshirt outfit is a Karl Lagerfeld crew neck sweatshirt with a long, collared black button down underneath. I wore it with leggings because these outfits are for comfort. Lastly, I paired spiky loafers and a Chanel velour bag because I was repping Karl.

3. Another way to have a sweatshirt look pretty and trendy is to crop it! You can do this yourself or buy a cropped sweatshirt. I paired the cropped sweatshirt with a brown hat and Louis Vuitton accents. This outfit doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, but is cozy to walk around in.

4.  Lastly, if you are positive you cannot do more than throw a sweatshirt and jeans on, all you need to do is wear a moto leather jacket with jeans and moto boots. This adds some edge and looks put together:)

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