Switzerland Day 1

Hello from Switzerland!!! I am near Basel which is the country’s second biggest city. It is right on the border of France and Germany. You can bike to the three countries within only an hour. It’s a perfect spot for someone looking to experience multiple cities in a short trip. A lot of people also speak English in this area as well as Swissgerman and France.  I have spent my first day with my host family eating and hiking. Their house has the most incredible view to wake up to and the cutest dog. For breakfast we had soft boiled eggs, for lunch a summer veggie quiche and for dinner a pork fillet wrapped in dough. Of course, multiple cups of coffee were drank all day, as this is Europe. The mountains photographed are the Jura mountains. The ones we have a view of are called the FaltenJura!  Over the next few weeks, I will post travel blogs from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and any other cities that time permits. The weather was mild and there wasn’t a lot of sun today, but nonetheless it is a beautiful place 🙂 Farewell till next post! -Claire

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