Sydney, Australia Re-Cap

The Harbour to my Bridge

Hello! I am excited to finally get some time to blog about my recent honeymoon! I couldn’t find the time while we were on our trip and when we got back I had to box everything up because we are moving, which took a couple days. I am going to split up the trip into quite a few posts, so I can cover all the activities and outfits! Sydney was amazing!! It is considered the world’s most beautiful harbour for a reason. Seeing the Opera House in person is more stunning than any photograph could make it seem. If you scroll below I have pictures of the inside from our tour. Something I didn’t know about the opera house was that the original architect never saw his finished product! He went back to Denmark after an argument about the budget and never came back to see his work.

For our week in Sydney, we stayed at Cambridge Hotel in Surry Hills. It was a 15 min walk from downtown, next to Chinatown, and all tours picked up within 5 minutes of it. On top of this, they had the BEST continental breakfast I have ever seen! For starters, Chinatown is no joke!!! Seriously, it is pretty much open all night and no matter what day of the week it is people are out partying and eating. We had a suite with a balcony and the view was gorgeous. We could see the opera house from our room. There are endless lists of things you can do in Sydney or near. I will post about the art museum and Blue Mountains next time:) The best way to see the Sydney skyline is from the Harbour Bridge. We walked it both ways. On one of our tours we met a cool couple from NY who told us about the viewing pylon to get the same view as climbing the bridge. Climbing the bridge runs about $200 a person; the pylon was $8. We went the next day with our new friends to the pylon to see the entire city. It was truly spectacular and some of the views are photographed below.

For our first day and tour of Sydney, I wore a midi yellow lace skirt from H&M with a Halston off the shoulder top. I wore slightly wedged blue and gold Gaimo sandals with it and blue Fendi sunglasses. Love, Claire.

Inside the Opera House:

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