Travel Memories

Today is officially our  third month of marriage! I am changing it up today. I won’t be talking about fashion or travel exactly, but all of these stories happened while we were traveling. I will be writing about stories of things we remember from preious travels. The memories may be good or bad, funny or boring, but these are the things we always find ourselves remembering for some reason.

  1. “From Wence We Came” One day, my aunt, mom, sister-in-law, husband, and I were driving through Cherokee National Forest after visiting my brother. We got lost and ended up circling a small forest a couple of times. We were all pretty calm, but when we announced we had to turn around my aunt blurted out “Must we go back from wence we came?” My husband thought it sounded like old English from Lord of the Rings and yelled back ” Thou shalt not pass!!” It was funny because it came out of nowhere and she never speaks like that and we still make fun of her for it.
  2. “Be Careful”  We were going through a cave in Tennessee as a family; my sister-in-law and I kept telling my husband to watch his head because he is 6’2. After the fifth time, he told us to stop telling him that. That is also when we heard the loudest clunk in the world and he hit his head and sat down.
  3. “Best Suite” We got to the most expensive suite we booked on our honeymoon in Auckland only to be there for four hours because of a flight delayed earlier. 
  4. “Irish Pub For You” My husband is tall and has almost red hair. He calls it “strawberry blonde”. We asked a receptionist at our hotel for dinner recommendations in Australia and she kept saying “Ohhh, for you, Irish pub down the street!!”
  5. “If You’re With Your Parents” My mom, my husband and I went to a bar in Wrigleyville last year. Sadly, I forgot my ID. My mom vouched to the  bartender that I was 21. He replied to me “Well, you are with your parents, so I believe you”.
  6. “Bed & Breakfast” We stayed at a gorgeous B&B over water falls at a National Park that was run by the cutest elderly couple alive. We went to have breakfast and there were two other couples. One of the couples literally wouldn’t stop talking about how all the Prius cars could fit into their Hummer car and how stupid a prius was. The next couple found out my husband was from Iowa and the wife started shouting: “Pigs, Corn, and Cows, Pigs, Corn and Cows, That’s what my friend says is there”.
  7. “That Michigan Accent”  My husband always says I have a weird way of saying most things. We were eating a boat load of shrimp in California once when the waitress asked me where I was from because of my voice, but said my husband’s was normal. He was very happy to have his theory backed up that Michiganders “talk weird”.
  8. “No Drugs” We took a camping trip to Pictured Rocks with a group of people for my birthday. We went on a walk at night to see the stars and were approached by two guys who asked us what we were doing and where we were going, then they tried to sell us drugs. After we were sketched out, they followed us like half way through the woods before we got the camp site host.
  9. “From State Farm” Jake is my husband. In the USA anytime he tells anyone his name, they say “What are you wearing? Jake from State Farm!” He didn’t think it was a worldwide thing until we were in New Zealand and the Starbucks barista gave him his coffee with “Jake from State Farm” written on it.  
  10. “Croc Chomp” We were at the Zoo with my brother and sister-in-law viewing the giant salt water Crocodile they have. On of their guides came up to talk about it with us and out of nowhere says “this is how hard a Croc will chomp” and slaps his two arms together about 2 centimeters away from my brother’s face. Then does it  to my husband.
  11. “You Mean This Grass?” We visited Hobbiton in September in a guided group tour. We were told several times by our guide to NOT touch the grass or doorknobs. Every time she turned around the same family would do the opposite of what she asked and take a picture doing it. Each time, we would see them do it, we would joke to each other ” Oh, you mean this door knob?”  
  12. “KC Barbecue” We were in Kansas City eating barbecue when (apparently randomly), I looked him dead in the eye and exclaimed “I may never have barbecue like this again” and Jake can’t live it down because it was so awkward I guess lol.
  13. “The Waffle House War” While driving to New Orleans (never do this if you live 16 hours away, it was hell), my brother and I got in a real fight because I wanted Waffle House and he didn’t. After we stopped and ate there, he wouldn’t talk to me for hours of the drive, he would only talk to my husband.
  14. “The Grand Canyon is Better” After going through Blue Mountain National Park in Australia we took a seat and waited for our tour bus to pick us up. This middle-aged British couple sat next to us seemingly very unimpressed. They asked where we were from and we told them the USA. They continued to go on and on about how much better the Grand Canyon was then the Blue Mountains and they didn’t enjoy it and what was the point of it.
  15. “George Bush Shrine” We took a taxi ride to cruise and our cab driver kept going on about his love of George Bush. We ended to cab ride soon after he told us about his mother’s shrine to George Bush in her home.
  16. “My Brother” My brother accidentally introduced himself as Jake’s brother at our wedding.  

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