10 Valentine’s Day Gifts She Actually Wants!!!

With only almost a month to V-Day it’s time to start deciding what you want to get your significant other. Flowers and chocolate are great, but they are basic, somewhat expensive, and flowers die. Check out these options your girlfriend, fiance, or wife would die for! All items can be found in cheaper versions also, remember it is the thought and care that counts for a gift. Click the image to be linked to the product. Love, Claire.

  1. Why I Love You Book ( make one yourself if you don’t have money) $10 -My fiance gave me one of these and it was one of my favorite gifts from him!
  2. Nora Kogan “Loved” Ring $180
  3. Lush Bath Set $36.95 – Every time your significant other uses the products she will be think about you and this is way better than slowly watching a bouquet of roses die.
  4.  Initial Necklace with your initial on it $58 – I have a bracelet with my fiance’s initial on it and I love it!:)
  5. A red dress to wear at the dinner you are going to take her to:) $25 -She will be so excited to be going to dinner with you, but especially when she finds out she has a new dress to wear! 

6.  YSL Makeup Set with Red Lipstick $55 -Expensive makeup she wants, but may not want to splurge on herself!

7. Matching Mugs $30

8.  Dried Roses $10 – They last longer than fresh flowers and can be used for tea or baths!:) 

9. Wanna make her laugh? The Porn For Women book is filled with pictures of shirtless men doing house chores:) $10 -This is a better gift for married couples.


10. F21 “Baby Girl” Wristlet $10 OR Kate Spade “Love” Wristlet $128 – Super cute ways for her to think of you each time she reaches in her bag!


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